Finance Minister Ameer attended 2019 World Bank Group annual meetings

Finance Minister of Maldives, Hon. Ibrahim Ameer, accompanied with a delegation from the country, attended the 2019 annual meeting of the World Bank Group held in Washington D.C from 18th- 20th October.

Minister Ameer headed the delegation as the Governor for Maldives to the World Bank Group, while minister of state for finance, Hon. Ismail Alimanik attended the meetings as Alternate Governor

The Meetings were attended by delegates from the member countries, observer organization representatives, members of the press, and civil society members. The progress on the work of the institutions was discussed at the Annual Meetings plenary session, the joint World Bank Group/IMF Development Committee and in the IMF International Monetary and Financial Committee.

Minister Ameer participated in the “Reducing Ocean Plastics in South Asia” event as a speaker, highlighting the seriousness of the matter and the importance of ensuring that the beaches and oceans are plastic-free, considering the high dependency on the tourism industry by the Maldives.

During this visit, an agreement between the Republic of Maldives and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / International Development Association regarding the establishment and operations of offices in Maldives was signed by the Minister and the Vice President of World Bank for South Asia Region, Mr. Hartwig Schafer. Furthermore, during the visit, Minister Ameer signed the Endorsement Note to officially join the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action.