National football team departs to Malaysia for a training camp

The Maldivian National football team has departed to Malaysia to take part in a training camp, ahead of the 2022 World Cup qualifying matches in Male’.

Included in the 27 member squad of the national team are, Ali Faris (Centey) who was MIA in the first qualifying match against Guam, Ahmed Rizwan (Rizey) and the country’s all time favourite Ali Ashfaq (dhagandey).

According to match schedules, Maldives is set to play against the Philippines on 14 November and against Guam on the 19th.

While Maldives have played in 3 qualifying matches, the first match was won by Guam with a score of 1-0, while the second match was taken by China with a score of 5-0. Maldives’ last defeat was against Syria by 2-1. This leaves Maldives with a total of 3 points leaving them in 4th place in the group stage while Syria tops the group with a leading 9 points.