Tourist arrivals to the Maldives increases by 9.3 percent

Photo: corporate maldives

Tourist arrivals to the Maldives have increased by 9.3% in the last month, reports Ministry of Tourism.

The statistics published by the ministry suggests that the number of tourist arrivals into the country totaled to a 117,619 in September, which is an increase of 9,999 (9.3%) of that of last year. Til date, 1.2 million tourists have visited the Maldives this year. This is an increase of 15.8% increase compared to the 1 million tourists which visited the country between the period of January to September of last year.

According to reports, most tourist arrivals into the country this year are from China amounting to 230,349, with 24,758 from last month only. India brings in the second most number of tourists into the country with 11,265 coming in last month, which is a 114.8% increase compared to the 5,244 people who came in during September of 2018.

Apart from Asia, the number of tourists who came from Europe have also increased by 15% this year summing up to 594,657.

The ministry of tourism expects at least 1.5 million tourists to visit Maldives this year.