Committee approves Fairooz and Qais as Broadcom Members

Independent Institutions Committee of the Parliament has approved Ahmed Qais and Ahmed Fairooz for the positions of Broadcom members, both who have contested and lost in the MDP primary elections to contest for the Parliament this term.

Qais, who is an MDP activist and has also worked as a council member of Gdh Atoll Council was one of the 72 people arrested over the arson attacks which took place in Thinadhoo after the administration of Nasheed was overthrown during 2012.

The other name approved for the Broadcom membership is Ahmed Fairooz, a former journalist who worked in several media stations including VTV, Raajje TV, Sangu TV as well as Channel 13.

While the official vetting process of the 36 applications who applied for the two vacant positions are still on going, 16 applicants have been interviewed so far.