Ex-MP Alhan Fahmy Denies Bribing Judge Ahmed Hailam

Ex MP Alhan fahmy. Photo: Avas

Ex-MP Alhan Fahmy has publicly conceded that he gave MVR.200,000 to the Chief Judge of the Criminal Court, Ahmed Hailam.


MP Alhan admitted to the transaction between him and Judge Hailam, at a time when the Judge is being probed by the judicial watchdog – Judicial Service Commission (JSC), over a controversial Victory Day greeting message the Judge sent.


Alhan tweeted about the transaction between Judge Hailam and himself, claiming that it was merely a loan to his ‘good old friend’, i.e. Judge Hailam.


Further, Alhan also denies that the amount involves any form of illegal pay-off or inducement and has criticized the Maldives Police Service for investigating the transaction for ‘political gain and intimidation’.


Interestingly, the transaction between Judge Hailam and Alhan had already been brought to the attention of Maldives Police Service by Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) when JSC decided to investigate the matter. Alhan, however, only disclosed the transaction after the JSC released a statement announcing that the Commission has decided to investigate the transaction as a matter of serious issue.


The Commission also highlighted Maldives Police Service’s failure to inform the Commission of the transaction and to take proper steps to investigate the matter. For that reason, the Commission concluded to put in a request with the People’s Majlis of the Maldives, President of the Maldives and National Integrity Commission of Maldives Police Service’s failures.