Emegerncy motion to address decompression cases

Parliamentary Member of Kaashidhoo constituency, Abdullah Jabir has filed an emergency motion to address the decompression cases and the extensive delay in treating such patients.

In the motion filed by Jabir, he mentioned that while majority of the Maldivians are working in the fisheries industry even today, fishermen are forced to dive for bait due to the unavailability of it in required volumes.

He added saying that while this is the case, none of the fishing atolls have the decompression chambers required to treat the issue and hence many have lost their lives or are left handicapped with no treatment available.

He also took the example of a person who faced a similar situation in Thinadhoo on Monday who has now become paralyzed on one side of his body, stressing the urgency of the matter.

The motion was accepted to the Parliament.