UPDATE: Maldivian tested positive for Covid-19 in Malaysia recovered

Maldives has announced today that the Maldivian who tested positive for Covid-19 in Malaysia has already recovered.

It was revealed that a Maldivian national had tested positive for Covid-19, when the Ministry of Health of Malaysia sent out a tweet of statistics describing Covid-19 cases of non-Malaysians in the country, which included one Maldivian.

In a press conference held on Friday night, Dr. Nazla Mustafa, a doctor at Health Protection Agency (HPA) of Maldives revealed that they have been able to identify the individual in question and have confirmed that not only has the person been discharged from the hospital, but has also made a full recovery.

However, she revealed that contact tracing would be carried out to check if anyone who was in close proximity to the individual has arrived to the Maldives on the rescue flight from Kuala Lumpur recently.

A Maldivian in the UK has also previously tested positive for Covid-19 and has since recovered.