Infant tests positive for Covid-19

Photo: Health Ministry

Male’, Maldives – An infant has tested positive for Covid-19 along with many others yesterday.

On 31 march 2020, 101 people have been tested positive in Maldives; 72 Bangladeshis, 21 Indians and 8 Maldivians.

Among the Maldivians who tested positive included an infant, a girl aged 12 and a woman aged 66.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has confirmed that so far, 51 children below the age of 10 -29 boys and 23 girls – tested positive for the virus

The total number cases in the Maldives has now gone up to 1829. While 488 people have recovered, 7 have passed away. At present 12 patients are receiving hospital care.

As the amount of  positive cases for Covid 19 has increased in the past 24 hours, the testing capacity has increased as well. There are currently 3 testing facilities for the Covid 19 in Maldives. IGMH, Police Laboratory and private hospital ADK.

While 406 samples were taken within the past 24 hours, there are still 502 samples awaiting results in total.