12 additional positive cases confirmed.

Photo: Raaje mv

The Maldives has confirmed 12 more positive cases yesterday.

The translator of NEOC, Mabrook Azeez stated that among the 12 people, one is of Indian nationality and the rest are Maldivians.

“7 of the positive cases confirmed today are noticed as cluster cases, including the foreigners case” Mabrook disclosed.

Mabrook also stated that 5 out of the 12 people have other diseases in addition to Covid-19 hence, having a higher risk of sever illness from the virus. There are total 67 people with other diseases in addition to the Covid-19 in Maldives.

Including the 12 cases confirmed today, the total number of cases in Maldives has now gone up to 1841. While 608 people have recovered, 7 have passed away. At present, 11 are receiving hospital care.