Major work of VIA Fuel Farm completed

Photo: MOCL

Male’, Maldives – The major works of the Fuel Farm currently being constructed in the Velana International Airport has been completed.

MACL has reported that in the the following work has been completed in the fuel farm til date:

  • Breasting dolphin structural works.
  • Fire fighting platform structural works.
  • Jet fuel tanks structural works.
  • Diesel tanks structural works.
  • Petrol tanks structural works.
  • Recovery tanks structural works.
  • Air side dispensing station tank Installation.

The new fuel farms in VIA has 3 tanks with a diameter of 37m. The Fuel can be stored up to 15 million litres per tank. At present, a total of only 15 million litres of jet fuel can be stored in the airport. However when the 3 tanks are combined a total of 45 million litres of fuel can be stored. In addition, there are 2 tanks of 500 metric ton for the storage of diesel in the fuel farm.

While two platforms are constructed in the sea, a special firefighting platform has been constructed in the airport as well. The fire fighting platform consists of several equipment required for fire fighting including foam tanks and fire fighting pumps.

Furthermore, for the transportation of oil to the airport from an oil tanker, a harbor big enough to fit an oil tanker of 45,000 metric tons is being built.

Among many other previous work, the Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG) of China is carrying out the development of the fuel farm in the Velana International Airport.  A total of 373 million dollars have been spent for the construction of the farm.