Covid-19 testing made available at AEH

Addu Equatorial Hospital seen from outside | Photo: adduLIVE

Addu City, Maldives – Testing for Covid-19 has now been made available at Addu Equatorial Hospital – a first for a region out of Male’.

The announcement was made by the Hospital on Sunday morning via twitter, which mentioned that the special testing kits have been received by the Hospital.

Hospital Manager Sharaf Saadhaath told local news outlet “adduLIVE” that with the new kits, the hospital will be utilizing an already existing PCR machine and extractor to begin testing. He also stated that more PCR machines and extractors have been shipped off to Addu City and are expected to arrive soon, increasing the testing capacity in the region.

Prior to this, all samples to be tested for Covid-19 were being sent to Male’, either by cargo, Aasandha, or by chartered flights. However, following a 65 year old female testinh positive for the virus in Addu City, while in transit quarantine at the Equator Village quarantine facility, the government fast tracked the implementation of testing in the region.

In addition to the newly established testing facility in Addu City, the former Hithadhoo Regional Hospital is in the works of being transformed to a Covid-19 specialized hospital where 45 patients can be treated at a time.