Covid-19: Additional 26 positive cases and 7 recoveries.

Photo: Thomas Peter/Reuters

Male’, Maldives — HPA confirmed that, during 24 hours, additional 26 cases have been confirmed for the virus and 7 people have recovered.

As of 6 pm of June 17, HPA confirmed additional 26 cases of:

  • 16 Bangladeshis
  • 03 Maldivians
  • 03 Nepalese
  • 03 Indians
  • 01 Sri Lankan

Along with these 26 cases, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases is at 2,120.  Among these cases, currently there are 433 active cases in Maldives.

Counting the 7 recovery cases confirmed today, a total of 1,677 cases have recovered from the virus in Maldives. Therefore, 79% of the people confirmed for the Covid-19 virus has fully recovered from it in Maldives.

The first Covid-19 case in Maldives was confirmed at a resort on 7th March. Thus, Maldives declared its first state of emergency on March 12. The first case for Covid-19 in Male’ was confirmed on April 15. Along with this case, Male’ was set on Lock down.

As the cases started to get controlled, government eased the lock down restrictions on Male’ residents. At present, Maldives is at phase two of easing lock down measures. Now, apart from the given curfew, residents of Male’ are allowed to go outside without permits.

Furthermore, all the restrictions taken on other islands of Maldives regarding the Covid-19 have also been lifted.