Guest houses in Malé to open on July 15.

Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives — As Maldives is reopening the boarders and continuing tourism in Maldives, Ministry of Tourism has decided to open the hotels and guesthouses of Malé on July 15 as transit facilities.

The government has decided to open the boarders and give permission to reopen the resorts in Maldives on July 15. A special guideline has been made in accordance to how tourism will be carried out in Maldives amid the ongoing pandemic Covid-19.

The Ministry of Tourism revealed on a recent statement that according to section D2 of the prepared guidelines, with the permission of the ministry, guesthouses and hotels of inhabited islands in Maldives will be opened for transit movements starting from 15th of July.

Thereby, the ministry has mentioned that as per the guidelines of the health protection agency and the prepared guidelines for the continuation of tourism in Maldives, the guesthouses and hotels in Malé, Hulhumalé and Vilimalé will be given the permission to open as transit facilities. 

The hotels and guesthouses that will be given the permission to open must refer to the guideline and carry out tasks according to the guidelines before opening and after opening, the Ministry stated.

The guidelines shown by the Ministry mentions that as it is prepared to reopen the resorts and continue tourism, the guesthouses were decided to reopen on August 1. However, it read that changes may arrive to the opening date as tourists who visit Maldives may have to stay for a transit stay in a hotel or guesthouse with a special permit that is in an inhabited island before they are able to go the resort.

The guidelines also says that the transportation of the tourist to the guesthouse must operate in accordance to the guidelines and the dining of the tourist must be arranged in the guesthouse. While staying in a transit hotel, tourists are not allowed to leave the building they are temporarily staying in.