Maldivians held hostage in B. Bodufinolhu rescued

Photo: Police

Baa Atoll, Maldives – 12 Maldivians held hostage in Bodufinolhu island of Baa Atoll have been rescued by Police, revealed the institution this morning.

While Police revealed no details of how the hostages were rescued, it is known so far that the hostage situation was created by expatriates working on the island, which is being constructed as a tourist resort.

Local reports say that the company which was tasked with constructing the resort had not paid the employees who orchestrated the hostage situation for months, and that the company is owned by MP Ali Riza of Milandhoo constituency.

Police further reported that all 12 Maldivians were rescued and that no confrontations took place during the rescue.

“Discussions are on going with them (expatriates) to settle this matter calmly. So far no altercations have taken place.” They said.

However, the initial rescue response carried out by a team of Police from Baa Atoll was unsuccessful due to altercations that took place between the two parties which saw one officer injured.

Police are still working on site to ensure an amicable agreement is met.