Maldives exports a new recorded amount of fish to Europe.

Photo: MACL

Malé, Maldives — Maldives has broken the previous record for the highest export on a single flight.

According to MACL of Velana International Airport,  the previous record for the highest export of cargo through a single flight was set on June 30 2020. MACL has now broken this record and made a new record for the highest export from Maldives.

MACL tweeted announcing that the cargo shipped through a Turkish Airline had a total of 36.4 tons. It included of 35.3 tons of fresh chilled fish and 1.1 tons of live fish.

These were exported from Maldives to seven major European destinations.

The previous recorded amount of cargo had been exported through a Turkish airline as well.

Although the commercial passenger flights have been temporarily stopped due to the ongoing pandemic Covid-19, Cargo flights have been transporting the necessary equipments needed to Maldives and has also been exporting goods to other countries as well. 

Maldives will be reopening its boarders starting from July 15th onwards for commercial passenger flights.