Covid-19: Emirates set to cut 9000 employees.

Photo: GoFrixty

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The president of Emirates, Sir Tim Clark said that the Emirates airline will be cutting upto 9000 employees due to the ongoing pandemic Covid-19.

Sir Tim Clark stated the airline employs up to 60,000 staffs and they have already cut 10% of the employees. He mentioned that considering how the things are currently going on, they might have to let go of additional 15% of employees as well.

In an interview with the BBC, Sir Tim had said that although the company had suffered a great loss due to the going pandemic, it is not as bad as the rest of the airlines.

Emirates has also given redundancy notice to 700 of their pilots, out of 4,500 pilots. This means that approximately 1,200 employees have been informed that they might have to lose their job due to the ongoing crisis.

Along with this, thousands of cabin crews of Emirates have been told they are no longer needed as well.

The employee cuts have been focused on those who fly Airbus planes rather than Boeing aircraft as the Emirates Airbus holds approximately 500 passengers, whereas Emirates Boeing holds fewer passenger than Airbus and therefore will be easier to fill during this period of decreased airline travel.