Covid-19: Maldives confirmes 14th death

Photo: Sunmv

Malé, Maldives —  HPA has confirmed that 14 people have passed away due to Covid-19 in Maldives.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) tweeted that the deceased was a 79-year-old Maldivian female.

While receiving care for the virus and being admitted at the Hulhumale’ Medical Facility, the 79-year-old Maldivian female passed away in the evening of 14th July at 05:05 pm.

This is the 14th Covid-19-related death in Maldives.

Therefore, up to date, a total of 14 people have passed away due to Covid-19 in Maldives. They are 8 elderly Maldivians, 5 Bangladeshis and a Filipino.

While a total of 2,801 people have been confirmed for the virus in Maldives, 2,302 people have completely recovered from it. Currently there are only 470 active Covid-19 cases in Maldives.

Maldives confirmed it’s first Covid-19-related death on April 29.

Yesterday itself 39 people were confirmed for the virus in Maldives. They were 27 Maldivians, and 07 Bangladeshis.

The risk for severe illness from Covid-19 increases with age making senior citizens at the highest risk.

A study has shown that, out of 10 Covid-19 related deaths in United States of America, 8 are reported to be adults from age 65 and above.