Farikeda area of Fuvahmulah declared protected

Photo: Farikede Divers

Fuvahmulah, Maldives – Farikede area off the shore of Fuvahmulah on the South-East side of the single-island city has been declared as a protected zone by the Ministry of Environment of the Maldives.

Declaring the area as a protected zone as of July 22, 2020, the Ministry of Environment, it has been revealed that the area would be protected as per the natural and environmental conservation regulations of the country.

Farekede is an area where sharks gather to breed and a variety of other marine creatures such as rays, and whale sharks are also often sighted at. The endangerment of the species often seen in the area led the government to decide on designating the area as protected.

As a protected area, boats will not be permitted to anchor in the area, however, with certain exceptions, as well as the capture of animals and waste disposal in the region being outlawed.

However, the area can still be visited by public and tourists under a special policy.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced the decision to protect the area in February of 2020.