Wearing masks may become mandatory: Health Minister Ameen

Male’, Maldives – Health Minister of Maldives, Abdullah Ameen has revealed that making the use of masks in public places mandatory is being considered, indicating that the announcement is not far off as Maldives observed a surge in cases of Covid-19 in the Greater Male’ area.

Speaking in a programme of Raajje TV, Minister Ameen stated that, “At this time, I do not see that there is a reason to not make wearing masks mandatory. It will be discussed and a decision would be made.”

He further said that along with wearing masks, everyone would also be required to adhere to the SOPs and guidelines made public for the general public.

He stated that prior to taking action against those who are not following the set guidelines, the policy of the administration was to inform and educate. However, if the strategy is not taking the desired effect, he revealed that the government would have to opt for action against those who defy the advise.

He highlighted that no outlets were closed after the initial inspection of shops, but despite the advice, some outlets were observed to not have been in compliance with the SOP upon inspection on Wednesday, which lead to the closure of 24 outlets.

While Maldives is still considering the possibility of making masks mandatory, many countries have already done so in efforts to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.