India expects to develop Covid-19 vaccine by the end of 2020

India hopes to develop a Covid-19 vaccine by the end of this year: health minister. Photo by Getty Images

New Delhi, India — Health Minister of India says that the country expects a Covid-19 vaccine to be developed by the end of the year.

The country surpassed 3 million confirmed cases for coronavirus on Sunday, after reporting a total of 69,239 new infections in just 24 hours, according to the ministry.

The Indian Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Harsh Vardhan says that one of the Covid-19 vaccine -that the country is developing- is currently in its third phase of clinical trial.

“We are very confident that a vaccine will be developed by the end of this year,” the minister said on Saturday.

“I am happy to say that in the eighth month of the battle, India has the best recovery rate of around 75%. A total of 2.2 million patients have recovered and gone home and another 700,000 are going to be cured very soon.”

In India, if the people who are positive for the virus has mild and moderate symptoms, they are no longer considered as active, after 10 days of symptom onset and if they meet certain conditions.

A test is not required to confirm whether they have completely recovered from the virus. However, the severe cases can only be discharged after atleast one negative coronavirus test.