Three new individuals approved for HRCM

Members of the parliament’s human rights and gender committee | Photo: Yoosuf Sofwan Rasheed

Malé, Maldives — Three new individuals have been approved for vacant positions of Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) by the people’s majilis.

The three individuals who got approved out of eight people are, Aminath Shafaath Abdul Razzaq, Moomina Waheed and Dr. Ahmed Adham Abdulla. After reviewing these three furthermore including in interview sessions, they were approved by the committee on human rights and gender.

The commitee decided to approve them on Sunday after nothing that these three individuals have the capability to fulfill responsibilities at the commission, as per their educational background and experience.

While Moomina recieved 61 votes froms the MPs, Adham got 59 votes and Shafaath got 58 votes.

The application for four members at HRCM was opened by the President’s office on July 06 after the resignation of three members as well as the expiration of one’s term on September 12.

Three members who resigned in July were Aminath Enas, Aishath Afreen Mohamed, and Moosa Ali Kaleyfaanu. The fourth position -that is yet to be filled- is of the Vice President Mohamed Zahid, who was removed from his position through a parliamentary vote in late July.