SCG of China donates Maldives with medical supplies for Covid-19

Photo: Foreign Ministry

Malé, Maldives — The Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) of China donates Maldives with essential personal protective equipment and other medical supplies on Thursday to help Maldives fight against Covid-19.

The manager of SCG project, Li Huanbin and the Maldivian Representative of SCG,  Shi Wanchun handed over the medical equipment to Abdulla Shahid of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The equipment were handed over at a ceremony which was attended by Zhang Lizhong, the Ambassador of China to Maldives as well.

The donation given by SCG included of 20,000 medical masks, 10,000 pairs of medical gloves and 500 PPEs, to help increase the capacity of frontline workers in Maldives.

While showing gratitude, Minister Shahid declared that Maldives will strive to strengthen its bilateral ties with China and to work together internationally not only to combat the spread of COVID-19 but towards economic recovery efforts as well. The Minister also highlighted that China is one of the most important international partners of Maldives.

Furthermore, Shahid also conveyed gratitude on behalf of the Maldivian government to SCG, one of the largest construction firms of China. He also thanked the government and people of China for their continued support to the island nation.

The Chinese government and several companies of China have provided multiple generous donations to Maldives to help Maldives overcome the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.