41 arrested for public gathering against regulations

Photo: Facebook

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Police Service has revealed that 41 people have been arrested for gathering in public, against the regulations set by Health Protection Agency (HPA), which have been set amidst the on going Covid-19 pandemic.

Maldives Police Service revealed that a cycle rally, which was due to be held on Saturday was stopped by officers at the scene, who also warned that if the rally continues, necessary force will be utilized to put a stop to the event. Due to this, those who gathered onto the streets carried on with the rally on foot, which was also stopped by the police eventually.

It has been revealed that a total of 41 protestors were arrested during this event, for violating regulations of HPA and putting the general public at risk, amidst the pandemic, which is yet to be controlled in the country. Senior members of opposition PPM and PNC are also said to have partaken in this rally.

While 41 were arrested, Police advised the entire public to adhere by the safety regulations and measures enforced by the country during this time and warned that legal action would be taken against those who violate these regulations.