Three fined for illegal sand mining

Photo: Social Media

Addu City, Maldives – Addu City Council has announced the decision to fine three individuals for illegal sand mining in the city.

The council revealed today that three individuals, which belong to the same household, Decemberge, would be fined for repeatedly mining sand from various parts of Hithadhoo, all which was unauthorized.

The announcement, which revealed the names and identities of all three individuals also notified them that they have each been fined by MVR 4,000 which is to be haded over to the council with in 10 days. Failure to adhere to the notice would result in action being taken as per section 140 of the Decentralization Act, read the notice.

The council also urged all residents of the city to adhere by the laws and regulations and to refrain from illegal sand mining in the city.