USD 17 million to be invested in Gan International Airport

Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail | Photo: Economic Ministry

Male’, Maldives – The government of Maldives has announced that USD 17 million is to be invested in Gan International Airport.

Speaking to local media “Sun”, Minister of Economic Development, Ismail Fayyaz said that the government has made all necessary arrangements to invest USD 17 million in Gan International Airport in Addu City, in order to develop the airport further.

Describing the development, Fayyaz said that changed would be brought to the terminals and that a new air traffic control tower would be built. He also explained that the developments would bring about solutions to the issued behind why the airport has not become fully operational.

Fayyaz explained that this finance is arranged from the line of credit extended by Exim bank of India.

Speaking on the importance of the airport, Fayyaz said that the only way to revive the tourism industry of Addu City would be to develop the airport and increasing tourist arrivals in to the city. He also said that private companies would also invest in the airport once it becomes profitable by the efforts of the government.

While the government is becoming ready to develop the airport of Addu City, the roads of the city are also being developed, which is also under the line of credit from Exim Bank.