Another 200 Bangladeshis repatriated

Velana International Airport Photo: Google

Male’, Maldives – Another group of 200 Bangladeshi nationals have been repatriated to their home country, on Wednesday. The group flew to Bangladesh on a flight from Male’ to Dhaka, which was operated by Maldivian.

Many Bangladeshi nationals residing in the Maldives have been traveling back to their country amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, including many who have been living in Maldives without proper documentation and those who have expressed wanting to go back.

With more than 4000 Bangladeshis in Maldives having have gone back, the Economic Ministry of Maldives revealed that the state targets to send back at least 20,000 undocumented Bangladeshi residents back.

With more than 9,000 cases of Covid-19 in the country, the second highest number of cases have been recorded among Bangladeshis.