67.8 Million Rufiyaa given out as income support

Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer at a National Emergency Operation Center press briefing | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – Finance Ministry has announced that 67.8 Million Rufiyaa has been given out as income support to people who’s jobs were affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

In the Weekly COVID-19 Spending publication released by the ministry, it states that this figure of 67.8 Million Rufiyaa is the amount which has been paid to 6,827 people through 16,082 disbursements until the 10th of September 2020.

Government decided to pay out an income support of 5,000 Rufiyaa per month to those who lost their job during the pandemic who met a certain criteria. In the first round, the allowance was given for April, May and June while the second round of payments cover July, August and September.

People who lost their jobs from 1st March 2020 are eligible for the allowance while people who’s salary was cut down or put on no-pay are also eligible. Everyone is needed to apply for the income support allowance through the Economic Ministry’s portal for it and they are also required to register with the job center of the ministry.