Government hopes to reopen guesthouses in Male’ region by November

Tourism Minister Dr. Abdullah Mausoom Photo: Tourism Ministry

Male’, Maldives – Tourism Minister of Maldives, Dr. Abdullah Mausoom has stated that the government hopes to have guesthouses in the Male’ region open by November.

While guesthouses in the rest of the the country are scheduled to open by 15th of October, the permit for guesthouses in the Male’ region have not been given the go-ahead due to the Covid-19 infections in the region still not bein under control.

However, the Minister said that he hopes that this will be changed and guesthouses of the region would be allowed to reopen by early November. He added that the requirement for this is for new Covid-19 infections to not increase by 5 percent for two consecutive weeks.

“This means, among those who get tested, those who test positive for the virus must be below 5 percent.” He explained.

As the Male’ region guesthouses are to remain closed, the facilities would be used as transit hotels, just as they are being used now, the Ministry revealed.

While the number of Covid-19 infection has decreased in the Male’ region compared to previous numbers, the number is still high, with 97 out of the 99 cases being from Male’, on just Wednesday.