Flights arriving from Maldives to operate in Ratmalana Airport

Photo via Avas

Malé, Maldives — The Sri Lankan government has decided that the flights arriving from Maldives to Sri Lanka will be operating to Ratmalana Airport rather than the country’s main airport, Bandaranaike International Airport.

Although Ratmalana Airport was the country’s first international airport, it is now used for domestic operations and to accommodate few private jets. A flying school also operates at the airport site.

Approximately there were 75 daily flights operating in the airport until the Sri Lankan cabinet recently authorized the airport to be used for international operation.

While speaking to their local media, the country’s Tourism Minister, Prasanna Ranatunga stated that all flights arriving from Maldives and some southern parts of India will land at Ratmalana Airport.

According to the minister, discussions are currently ongoing with the flag carrier of Maldives, regarding the the change. Maldivian and private Fly Me airline recently began operation to Sri Lanka after halting due to Covid-19 pandemic.

“Over 9,000 Maldivians reside in the Ratmalana area for education and other purposes. Many of those who travel from southern areas of India stay in Bambalapitiya, Kolpity nearby Ratmalana. Therefore, the airport will be targeted towards such visitors,” stated the minister.