Corruption claims against MD of FENAKA filed to ACC

MD of Fenaka, Saeed Mohamed | Photo: Raajje MV

Male’, Maldives – Twenty Seven claims of corruption have been filed with the Anti Corruption Commission of Maldives against the Managing Director of FENAKA Corporation Limited.

The matter, which was filed to ACC by an independent individual, included multiple corruption claims against Saeed, as well as complaints of Saeed misusing his power to provide employment to people unduly.

ACC revealed that the claims are being looked into individually and that a formal investigation would begin after this process. However, neither Saeed, nor FENAKA have made any comments regarding the matter.

While the matter is now at ACC, previous audits of the company by the Auditor General’s Office has also shed light on various instances of corruption which took place during the previous administration. It was highlighted in the audit reports that the company partook in activities outside of the set regulations in dealing with dollars, diesel and petrol, due to which specific people have attained undue profits.

Further, it was also revealed that the company was involved in corruption during the emergency procurement of 38 generators, which saw that quotations were collected out of the regulation’s bounds by only one company, suggesting that it may have been done so to provide undue benefits to the company.

While several other cases were also highlighted in the report, more will be known when ACC reveals the findings of the investigation.