Minimum purchase price of tuna re-set by government

Pole and line fishermen land skip jack tuna in the Maldives. Pole and line fishing is a selective, sustainable and equitable method of catching tuna. | Photo: Paul Hilton

Male’, Maldives – Ministry of Fisheries has announced the minimum price at which Skipjack and Yellowfin tuna can be purchased by companies registered under the ministry.

Under the new prices set by the ministry, Skipjack tuna and Yellowfin tuna below 1.5Kg must be bought at a minimum of 5.15 Rufiyaa per kilogram and Skipjack tuna and Yellowfin tune above 1.5Kg must be bought at a minimum of 13 Rufiyaa per kilogram.

On the announcement released on 20th September, ministry has stated that all companies registered under the ministry as those who purchase fish from the fishermen, process and export and also who have been given permission to purchase fish from pole and line fishermen need to buy the two types of tuna at the given rates or higher from September 24th onward.

This regulation is only applicable to large scale fish exporters, hence the regulation is not applicable to those who cook and dry tuna on small scales for domestic use. Floor price of tuna was last set on 13th May 2010.