Aasandha launches mobile application

Aasandha Company Ltd | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – National health care insurance company, Aasandha has developed and introduced its first mobile application, accessible for any Maldivian to use.

The “Aasandha” app, which is currently available on Google Play Store, would allow any user to view the services sought by the individual from any health care outlet using the new online portal, “Vinavi” of Aasandha, according to the company. It was further explained the e-prescriptions can also be viewed from the application, and that it also has a feature to report any services which have not been used by the individual, should such an issue occur.

Although the application currently only shows services sought via outlets using the Vinavi portal, the company said that the application will prove to be most effective when all health care outlets start using the portal, highlighting that there still are some places which are yet to utilize the portal. However, the company revealed that this will be ensured soon, allowing all Maldivians to access their medical records.

The company further stated that the main purpose of introducing the application is to ensure that the insurance system is as transparent as possible and that while the application is currently only available for android users, the app will soon introduce an IOS version as well.

Aasandha Company Ltd was formed in 2011, and was officially introduced to the country on 1st January, 2012 as the national health insurance system, replacing the then insurance system of the state, “Madhana”.