Dangerous accident in Hulhumale’ – no serious casualties

Cycle after the accident, photo: MV crisis

Hulhumale’, Maldives – A dangerous accident took place in Hulhumale around 6 pm on Sunday involving a motor cycle and a truck.

The crash which was caused due to the collision of a motor cycle and a truck, fortunately, saw both drivers escape the incident unscathed.

A witnesses who saw the accident which happened near the RedWave Mega Mall, giving information to local news outlet “Mihaaru” said that both the cycle and truck were going towards the flats in Hulhumale’ phase 2. He further added that the cycle went under the truck after hitting the right side of the truck in an attempt to overtake it.

It’s believed that both people on the cycle jumped before the it went under the truck which caused great damage to the two wheeler.

One of the witnesses said that even though a loud sound was heard after the cycle hit the truck, the 30 year old Bangladeshi attempted to drive away without stopping.

The 22 year old local driving the cycle was taken to Hulhumale’ hospital with the help of Maldives Police Service. The hospital told that there were no major injuries and the person was sent home after dressing up the wounds.

Media official of Maldives Police Service said that this accident was first reported at around 6:00 pm. It was also said that neither of the drivers had a license in their respective categories and that further investigations are being carried out.