40 km of asphalt road to be developed in Addu

Road development with asphalt | Photo: adduLIVE

Addu City, Maldives – Mayor of Addu City, Abdullah Sodiq (Sobe)has revealed that 40 kilometers of Addu roads have been planned to be developed with asphalt.

While the necessary equipment to pave 18 roads to the city were brought down to the city during last week, the project is due to commence in October and has been contracted to GK Development Pvt Ltd.

In the council meeting held on Tuesday, Sobe said that a project has been arranged for the remaining roads of the city, with the help of Exim Bank of India as well. He detailed that shortlisted candidates among those who applied for the opportunity, which the Indian government opened up for, would be shared with the Maldivian government by next weeks time.

Under this project, storm drainage systems are to be places in all districts of the city along with developing 40 km of different roads of the city with asphalt. He also added that the remaining roads of the city would also be developed with a cement base.

“This means that the roads which do not get developed with asphalt would also be paved with a cement base, leading all roads in good condition.” Sobe said.

Sobe said that when the project ends with in the next two years, the flooding and damages caused to the roads are expected to stop.