Sports veteran, Ibrahim Ismail retires from National Sports Council

Ibrahim Ismail | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives — Sports veteran, Ibrahim Ismail leaves the sports industry after retiring from the National Sports Council.

On Monday, the 70-year-old retired from the sports industry after spending 44 years in various capacities. He said that “it is time” for him to retire and take a step back. Ismail added that “every thing has an end.”

While stressing that he will no longer be working in any capacity of the industry, Ismail revealed that he may provide assistance anyone who requires it “for free.”

According to the Sports Minister Ahmed Mahloof, Ismail had previously shared similar sentiments as well. Mahloof revealed that after Ismail had recently recovered from Covid-19, he had spoken about retirement as his family had been requesting him to do so.

However, despite the requests, Ismail had remained as the president of the sports council upon Mahloofs request.

While highlighting the invaluable contribution of Ismail to the sports industry, Mahloof stated that he will continue to seek Ismail’s assistance ‘whenever possible.’

Ismail was appointed as the president of the National Sports Council in September 2016, until the council was abolished and reformed by the incumbent government. Ismail was once again appointed as the president for his great service.

Previously served as the president of the Maldives Olympic Committee, Ismail has been described as “a father of sport” several times in the Maldives. He has also served in the education field for 43 years, before he retired in 2018.

During his youth, Ismail had excelled in a number of sports including, football, cricket and tennis.