Emirates to restart daily flights to Maldives

An aircraft of Emirates | Photo: Emirates

Male’, Maldives – Emirates has announced that the airline will be resuming scheduled flights to the Maldives on a daily basis.

While the airline is currently flying between Dubai and Maldives semi weekly, Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL), which manages the Velana International Airport (VIA), revealed that the airline has decided to increase its flight frequency to the island destination.

The new schedule is due to take effect from 7th October onwards, utilizing Boeing 777 aircrafts for the trips, as is now.

Maldives, as many other countries, closed borders in the early months of this year following the outbreak of Covid-19 around the world, which eventually turned into a global pandemic. Maldives closed its borders during March, which lasted for three months, eventually re-opening borders on July 15th and welcoming tourists on the 17th. Since then, many flights have resumed operations to the high-on demand destination, often described as a paradise on Earth.

According to the most recent statistics by authorities, more than 16,000 tourists have arrived into the country. The Ministry of Tourism of Maldives estimates a total arrival of 120,000 tourists during this year.