Health Minister summoned to the Parliament for questioning

  • Minister Ameen is summoned due to incorrect information given in audit report.
  • The minister denies of having done any wrongful deeds.
Health Minister of Maldives Abdullah Ameen | Photo: President's Office

Malé, Maldives — The Health Minister of Maldives, Abdullah Ameen has been summoned to the Parliament.

The Health Minister is summoned due to the issues revealed in the audit report by the Auditor General’s office, including that of the 142 ventilators contracted to be procured for the state.

Minister Ameen was first been summoned to the Public Accounts Committee to be questioned regarding the issues in the audit report that were against the procurement regulation. However, when Ameen was questioned at the committee, he responded that he had employed no wrongful methods in ensuring the health of the citizens and that he only used shortcuts within the legal boundary.

While three companies were assigned to bring ventilators, issues arose of the assignment of Executors General Trading of Dubai, which Minister Ameen claimed to have been at the recommendation of WHO, something which the organization has denied.

However, the Minister had repeatedly said that the company was indeed selected at the recommendation and agreement with the country representative of WHO, Dr. Arvind Mathur.

After stating that he has not carried out any act of corruption, Minister Ameen had recused himself from his duties as minister, approximately two months back to allow Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Police to investigate the matter.

The Police and ACC have not yet confirmed whether they have finished their investigation.

While Executors General were assigned to bring a total of 75 ventilators, till date they have only brought 10 ventilators to the country. Although they have still not given a date for which they’ll bring the remaining ventilators, the company has requested to give the remaining 10% of the agreed MVR 34 million. The 90% of the agreement, MVR 30 million has already been given to the company.