Some test kits damaged due to improper storage: Dr.Nazla

Health Protection Agency (HPA) and the Health Emergency Operations Center spokesperson Dr. Nazla Rafeeg | Photo: NEOC

Male’, Maldives – Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC) has revealed that some of the test kits for brought in Covid-19 testing have been damaged due to improper storage.

Speaking at the news conference at HEOC last night, spokesperson Dr.Nazla Rafeeg said that the issue was discovered after the results of the tests kits came out questionable. She assured that the storage issue has been identified and that the matter is being resolved.

“Further investigation is being done to see how this incident occurred and whether anyone is to be held responsible for this”, said Dr.Nazla.

She further said that all the test kits have not been damaged and most of them are still in usable condition. In addition to this, she said that the internal control was damaged and there has not yet been any reports due to a problem in internal control.

Dr.Nazla also said that there 3000 kits still remaining in usable condition from that batch. These kits are important as there are numerous covid tests done each day in Maldives. Till now, 10,943 people have tested for the virus and 35 people have lost their lives due to the virus. The number of people testing positive for Covid-19 is decreasing day by day and hence the relevant authorities advise that this is the time to be cautious about the situation.