Ventilator corruption: Major accusations against Minister Ameen by ACC

  • The task was given to the Dubai company without confirming due diligence and technical capacities.
  • The Dubai company was not recommended by World Health Organization (WHO).
  • The bid committee attempted to give the task specifically to the Dubai company.
  • 90% of the agreement money was given in advance - a decision in favor of Executors General.
  • 75% and 15% of the advance money was paid to Executors General without a prior agreement.
  • Although the documents from the health ministry states that the signing with the Executers was on April 02, the final agreement was signed by the Executers and given to the health ministry on April 06 of 2020.
Health Minister Abdulla Ameen at a National Emergency Operations Center briefing | Fayaz Moosa

Malé, Maldives — The Anti Corruption Commission of Maldives (ACC) has made several major accusations against the Minister of Health of Maldives Abdullah Ameen, following the conclusion of the investigation carried out by the commission with regards to the 75 ventilators which were contracted to Dubai based company Executor General’s, to be procured for the state.

Along with this, ACC forwarded 10 names, including that of Minister Ameen, to the Prosecutor General’s Office to be charged with corruption under part (a)(2) of sectio 511, part (a) of section 512, part (b) of section 513 and part (a)(1) of section 313 of the Penal Code of Maldives.

Among those who were requested by ACC to be prosecuted are:

  • Minister Abdullah Ameen
  • Director Financial Executive Ahmed Aslam
  • Deputy Minister Nishama Mohamed
  • Deputy Minister Shiyama Mohamed
  • Director Naushad Ali
  • Bid Committee Member Aminath Shaufa
  • Assistant Director Fathimath Limya
  • Legal Officer Ali Shihaam
  • Assistant Director Abdullah Hafeez, and
  • Assistant Administrative officer Hussain Niyaz

Addressing the accusations of ACC against Minister Ameen, it was highlighted that it was Minister Ameen who introduced the owner of Executors General Dr. Ali Al Thakhumathee to the Ministry and that it was the Minister himself who initiated the handing over of the contract to the company.

It further read that it was Minister Ameen who passed on Thakhumathee’s contact to the Financial Executive Ahmed Aslam under the pretext that the company came recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) and that the Minister also introduced the company to the bid committee with the same information. ACC accused that the company was contracted with the task without confirming the due diligence, due to the conduct of the Minister.

ACC also stated that it has been found by the commission’s investigation that Minister Ameen had ordered two members of the bid committee to partake in the meeting which decided on the matter of contracting Executors General, after the required quorum was not met. It was further highlighted that the Minister also urged to hasten the handing over of 90 percent of the total payment (MVR 34 million), which accounts to MVR 30 million to the company as soon as possible.

The investigation further divulged that the Minister was aware of the procurement and payment request processes carried out by the Ministry and that the Minister was personally involved in providing guidance with regards to the matter.

Explaining further findings of the investigation, ACC revealed that the matter was investigated as an urgent case and that the investigative team was assisted by Maldives Police Service as well. It was further noted that a total of 1,600 documents, 500 email backups and 36 testimonials were collected and analyzed for the purpose of this investigation.