ADK lowers the price of PCR testing

Photo: ADK

Male’, Maldives – ADK hospital has decided to lower the price of their PCR testing.

In a statement released by ADK, the hospital said that a fully automatic roche lightcycler 480 PCR system in their laboratory is being used for doing PCR tests. As the installation of this machine decrease the total cost for doing PCR tests, ADK decided to decrease the price for which PCR tests can be done from the hospital starting from today.

Previously the cost of doing the PCR test for locals and expatriate workers with work permits was MVR 1500 and the cost for tourists was 110 dollars. The cost has now been changed to MVR 1200 for locals and expats and 80 dollars for tourists.

ADK hospital was faced with criticism in the past saying that the price of their PCR test was too high. But, ADK said that the price was relatively low compared to expenses incurred in doing the test. There are three tests currently available in ADK hospital. This includes the PCR test to confirm Covid-19, Antibody test as well as the Rapid test.

These tests are essential as the Covid-19 situation has not yet been fully controlled in Maldives even though the number of people testing positive are slowly decreasing. Till now, 11,113 people tested positive for Covid-19 in Maldives and 35 people have passed away due to the virus.