British Airways recommences flights to Maldives

British Airways flight which arrived today at Velana International Airport | Photo: MACL

Male’, Maldives – British Airways has recommenced its flights to the Maldives today since it had stopped all flights to the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic earlier this year.

The flag carrier of England, British Airways has their flights to Maldives towards winter of every year. With the restarting of flights if British Airways to Maldives, it has been scheduled to have 3 flights every week which will be on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. England is also one of the countries from which most number of tourists come to Maldives.

After today’s flight, the British High Commissioner to Maldives, Caron Rohsler had tweeted stating that the High Commission would keep on continually reviewing the travel advice with a view to relaxing it as things improve in the Maldives. In addition to this, she thanked the crew of the flight which came today to Maldives and also the Velana International Airports ground staff and the airport authorities for their work to make the airport a safer place.

In addition to British Airways, airlines currently having flights to Maldives includes Qatar, Emirates, Etihad, Srilankan Airline, Turkish Airline, Air India, Indigo and Aeroflot of Russia. Most of these airlines previously stopped their travels to Maldives due to Covid-19 and closing of the border. The airlines are now slowly starting to increase their travels to Maldives targeting this season of tourism.

Since the reopening of the Maldivian borders, around 26,720 tourists have arrived to Maldives. Previously the government said that it is expected to have around 800,000 tourists this year which was later changed to 100,000 tourists for the year.