PG has altered meaning of corruption – Former VP Dr. Jameel

Former VP Dr. Mohamed Jameel | Photo: Edition

Male’, Maldives – Former Vice President of Maldives, Dr. Mohamed Jameel has swung a blow at the Prosecutor General of Maldives (PG) Hussain Shameem, over the declining of the ‘Health Ministry Ventilator Corruption’ case forwarded by the Anti Corruption Commission of Maldives (ACC), saying that PG Shameem has altered the meaning of corruption.

Dr. Jameel’s criticism towards PG has been following the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) declining the case of 11 Health Ministry officials, including the Minister of Health Abdullah Ameen who has since resigned, due to the possible corruption and misconduct discovered after an audit by the Auditor General’s Office, which was then investigated by ACC and forwarded to the PGO for prosecution, only to have the case declined citing insufficient evidence.

Dr. Jameel detailed his comments on the matter, stating that there is enough evidence of noncompliance with the Financial Guideline of the state, questioning whether PGO is actively aiding in covering up the matter.

“The recommendation of AG Riffath is also bizarre. The PG has altered the meaning of misconduct and corruption.” Dr. Jameel said.

Speaking at a press conference held on Tuesday regarding the decision of the PGO to decline the case forwarded by ACC, PG Shameem said that he will not be commenting on the quality of the investigation carried out by ACC and that the decision of the PGO was solely based on the information provided to the Office by ACC.

He also stated that while it is obvious that there has been misconduct, the case can only be entered to the courts with all requirements completed. He further highlighted that while ACC previously communicated with PGO on cases being forwarded, no communication was exchanged between both parties with regards to the case.