Maldives allows split stay option at all tourist accommodation facilities

Resort in Maldives | Photo: Skift

Male’, Maldives – The Ministry of Tourism of Maldives has announced that visitors can now opt for the split stay option of traveling, which would allow them to split their stay between any type of tourist accommodation facility.

As per a tweet sent out the Ministry on Friday, tourists will now be able to “split their stay between resorts, hotels, guesthouses and live aboard boats, however with prior approval as per the split-stay procedure/guideline” set by the Ministry of Tourism.

The offer was previously only available for resorts, where tourists could spend a portion of their vacation in one resort and the remaining at another. Just one hour prior to the announcement allowing split stay for all types of tourist accommodation facilities, the Ministry announced that it would be allow the option between resorts and safari boats only.

Maldives has been offering various travel options for travelers as the number of airlines coming into the country increases. So far more than 31,000 tourists have visited Maldives since the country opened up borders on 15th of July.