Brave woman who stopped mugging attempt commended by Speaker Nasheed

Former President and Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed after his return to Maldives after 3 years in November 1, 2018 | Photo: Nishan Ali

Male’, Maldives – Former President and current Speaker of the Parliament of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed complimented Maryam Jeela for her actions during a robbery in Male’ today.

Nasheed tweeted today, saying that Jeela’s actions during the robbery attempt in Male’, the capital of Maldives, today was very brave and selfless. He also said that her actions were the first steps in making the robbery attempt unsuccessful. He then congratulated her for her selfless and brave act. Maryam Jeela was among the locals present at the scene during the time of the robbery attempt.

Police revealed that reports of two men trying to rob a van carrying large amounts of cash into the bank was received at around 11:47 on Sunday morning. A video has since been publicized of the robbery scene showing two people arriving in a cycle and attempting to rob the van. The video also shows bystanders trying to stop the robbery attempt of the two men who were covering their face with helmets, who then ran and fled the scene