Registration of businesses offering expatriate accommodation made mandatory

Expatriates lined up in Hulhumale' | Photo: Avas

Male’, Maldives – The government of Maldives has made all business activities which offer the service of arranging accommodations for expatriates to be registered mandatory.

As per the regulation gazetted by the Economic Ministry, all businesses except those which provide accommodation for the expatriates employed by them in their own campus, businesses which have rented facilities to provide accommodation for their own employees, and those which are leased by expatriates which fall under the professional standard as per the foreign worker regulation of Maldives, must be registered with the Ministry as either a sole proprietor, partnership, company or a corporative society.

The regulation states that all such accommodation facilities must fit within the standards set in the foreign worker regulations of the Maldives, as long as the businesses remain active, and must ensure that the expatriates who are residing in the facility are all documented.

As per the Ministry, the registration process can be done via business portal of the Economic Ministry,, through the  Business Activity Registration section, for which an administrative fee of MVR 500 would have to be paid.

The regulation requires all such accommodation facilities to be registered with the Ministry with in 30 days from the regulations being enforced.