Local scholars furious after Shahinda’s participation in Parliamentary meeting

Executive Director of MDN Shahindha Ismail | Photo: Teller Report

Male’, Maldives – Local Islamic scholars have expressed dissatisfaction towards the Parliament, after the Executive Director of Maldives Democracy Network (MDN), Shahindha Ismail took part in a Parliamentary meeting.

Shahindha, had previouslybeen summoned to the Police, and was the subject of public criticism after MDN released a report which went against the beliefs of Islam and mocked the Prophet Mohamed, which also lead to the suspension of the organization.

The coalition of Islamic scholars in the Maldives, in a statement released today, said that it is unacceptable to have had Shahindha who has fled the country, to represent the Parliament in a meeting held for public opinion regarding a bill being addressed by the Parliament. The statement also suggested that Shahindha’s participation was made possible by the Influence of the Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed.

The statement further read that Shahindha’s participation in the meeting was premeditated and that this was done by a group of “anti-islamic” people in the name of a forum to mock and anger the public, at a time when Police have issued a summon for Shahindha.

It further went on to criticize Speaker Nasheed, calling him out for standing against the dissolving of MDN, and then having Shahindha participate in the forum, which the coalition said was to show the western world that MDN mocking Islam is not an issue.

The statement ended with reminding the Parliament of Maldives to adhere to the oath taken in the name of God, and to prevent any such incidents happening in the future.