Minister Imran should have resigned: MP Mikaaeel

Parliament member of Galolhu south constituency, Mikaaeel Ahmed Naseem | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Parliament member of Galolhu south constituency, Mikaaeel Ahmed Naseem has said that if this was any other country, Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla would have resigned from office after his remarks on sexual harassment.

MP Mikaaeel said this while debating on the emergency motion submitted to the parliament regarding the vandalism of the taxi operated by the only female driver in Male’ City. MP Mikaaeel said that the attacks on Aminath Waheedha (Ainth)’s taxi were because she was the only female operating a taxi in Male’ City. He also added that it was a clear sign that the institutions had failed as no action has been taken against the perpetrator even though the investigations had been done after Ainth’s car had been vandalized five times until now.

While speaking about the ‘Safari Rape Case’ at a program by “Dhivehiraajeyhe Adu” radio station on October 24, Minister Imran stated that the incident that occurred in the safari was not a big issue and that it only became big due to how the incident was reported. Imran further stated that such an incident can happen in a public place as well.

“About that, I will speak very truth fully. There are instances in dealing with them and releasing them, that are not within procedure. But when looked at the reality of the matter, in addition to the procedural issues, the public’s perception of the reality of the matter – I am telling the truth, when I heard the story, when it started spreading, even I imagined it as this huge rape case. But when I went and looked into the matter further, it is not easy for me to say exactly what happened in a place like this. But I can confidently say it is something which can happen in a public place, among people. And it is something that when it happens, people wouldn’t even know it happened.” The Minister said during the program.

MP Mikaaeel said that such remarks are an encouragement to sexual harassment and sexual assaults. He also added that if the minister in charge of the police believes that such actions were minor and could be done even in a public place, then it only encourages predators to victimize women.

He also added that even though Minister Sheikh Imran had already apologized for his remarks, if this was any other country in the world, that he would have stepped down from his position.