Public trust in MNDF is higher than ever : Defence Minister

Flag hoisting ceremony , Victory day 2020 | Photo: MNDF

Male’, Maldives – In a national address commemorating Victory Day, Minister of Defence Mariya Ahmed Didi said that Maldivians have an increased trust for the country’s armed forces.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Mariya said that the 3rd of November 1998 was a dark chapter in the history of Maldives which was the loss of 19 innocent lives in a terrorist attack by foreign assailants.

She said that soldiers in the front line that day showed impressive battle prowess and together with the residents showed commendable perseverance. She added that modern day military facilities and trainings are more advanced than at the time of the attack.

“Heroes such as Martyr Corporal Hussein Adam who showed immense courage deserve endless recognition, and the valiant efforts of everyday citizens on that day merit congratulations. In addition, I thank India for the assistance they provided when the then government requested for military support. ” Mariya said.

Minister Mariya added that President Ibrahim Solih’s government holds the growth of military expertise in a high regard, and that with increasing military prowess, the publics trust for them has shot up.