Gan International Airport upgrading budgeted for 2021

Aerial view of Gan International Airport | Photo: Hotelier Maldives

Addu City, Maldives – The project to upgrade Gan International Airport has been budgeted for the year 2021, revealed the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, on Monday.

Presenting the forecasted budget for the year 2021 during the Parliamentary session held on Monday, Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer said that in an uprising competitive global tourism market, promoting Maldives as a destination has been noted as a key priority, for which, MVR 224 million has been allocated in the 2021 annual budget.

Stressing that the development of air transport system is crucial in promoting the tourism industry, Minister Ameer highlighted that MVR 2.2 billion has been dedicated for the development of Velana International Airport (VIA), in the upcoming year.

“Within the regional development vision of the government, upgrading Gan International Airport and Hanimaadhoo International Airport has been included in the next year’s budget,” the Minister added.

He explained that this would enable to broaden the tourism industry in the regions and increase economic activity, ultimately increasing employment prospects as well. He further added that many domestic airports will also be developed as per the new budget allocations.

On Monday, the Ministry of Finance of Maldives proposed a total of MVR 34,787,720,151, as the annual budget for the year 2021, to be passed by the Parliament of Maldives.