Special housing projects announced for Male’ people

View of Male City from the rooftop of Dharumavantha Hospital. | Photo: MIHAARU

Male’, Maldives – The President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced that special projects will begin in 2021 for the Male’ born people who do not have their own house in the capital city.

While addressing the nation in the celebration of the Republic Day of Maldives, the President said that while the incumbent government has been developing the country at a fast rate, they have not forgotten the development of the capital city of Male’.

“One of the most important thing the government will focus on in 2021 is providing the homeless citizens of Male’ a home in their island. We will be conducting several special projects in the upcoming year to complete this goal,” President Solih announced.

While speaking at a program of “RaajeTv” , President Solih mentioned that the government could not provide the Male’ people without their own homes at the rate they had expected to, however, he said that for the upcoming year, one of the most important projects of the government will be to provide homes for the such people who were born in Male’.

President Solih further mentioned that in order to achieve this goal, the government has already decided to start the construction of approximately 3,000 flats in this November and December.

“Hopefully, we will give more importance to the incomplete projects and finish them in the upcoming year” President Solih told.

In the annual budget of 2021, the Finance Ministry has decided to provide MVR 496.1 Million as equity to the new project named “National Social Housing” that will be starting in 2021. This money will be used to provide houses for the people without their own homes of Maldives.